Sunday, December 21, 2008

Possibly my first supernatural encounter

This happened when I was 5-6 years old and there was this family & friends’ gathering in a chalet at East Coast Park. There was plenty of games, laughter till it was quite late. I remembered sleeping in the centre of the bed beside my mum and a family friend. When I awoke, I was sitting on the toilet bowl. When I asked my mum, she told me that I was sleepwalking. I didn’t think much of it till several years later when my mum refreshed my memory about that night.

Apparently it got very late and everyone went to sleep. When they woke, they found themselves waking up in different parts of the chalet. Some of the floor, bathtub, bathroom, chair…. Nobody knew what really happened. Mass sleepwalking? I think not!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spirits residing in a KTV.

A contribution by Raymond.

Back then my father took over a KTV from a friend who was facing cash flow problem. The KTV was situated under Merxxxxn shopping centre. 1 night i forgot to knock on the door b4 entering the toilet as instructed by my mum. I dashed into the toilet as i was having a strong urge to relief myself to find the first cubicle door to "SLAM" itself as if some1 was evading my presence.

i didnt think that much and went ahead to relieve myself. After that i got curious and went to check that cubicle out.I gently pushed the cubicle door open and to worsen the freaking situation there was no 1 in it I left the cubicle door open and went to toilet door and opened it with force a few times to see if it was the air flow that caused the cubicle door to slam but nothing happened.

I quickly left the toilet and told my mum who replied that there were 3 harmless spirits 1 male 2 female lurking around the KTV. My mum and Dad had also agreed to acknowledge these 3 spirits as something like god sons through a medium. Sadly the Joint had to close as business was bad. But til now every 7th month, there will be a set of offering set aside for these 3 beings by my mum.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More on the Marina Square Toilet

My friend saw my earlier story on the Marina Square male toilet and he has decided to share this:-

"Now that you have mentioned that toilet, I know where it is and I recalled hearing a story about it. This toilet was near the carpark, behind the former Denny's. I used to work in Marina Square in one of the retail stores there and one day, my staff related this incident where the group of them were having supper at Denny's when he had to go to the toilet.

As he neared the toilet, he distinctively the sound of shuffling feet and the sound of dragging chains and it emitted from the toilet. Feeling scared, he did not dare go into the toilet. As with these encounters, the staff did his usual rounds on investigations and later on, he shared with me that there were stories of sightings of a woman in chains in that toilet and sometimes, she is heard and other times, seen."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marina Square Carpark Toilet

This happened during my school days. My buddy and I often visit Marina Square because it was a new shopping centre. Our usual parking place (We're both motorcycle riders) was near the escalator where Metro Departmental Store used to be. There was one incident that took place that really freaked me out.

After parking our motorcycles, coincidentally we both had urges to go pee and there was a small toilet just beside the escalator. There were 2 standing urinals and a cubicle. My friend took the cubicle (Toilet door remained opened throughout) and I, the urinal. As we were doing "our business", my friend was kept on talking about something (I didn't pay attention at this time what he spoke...for a good reason). That good reason was there was someone whistling behind me. Friend is on my left inside the cubicle talking non stop, door is to my right and I'm very sure nobody came into the toilet after us. Whistling got closer and closer to me till I could feel the "whistle blow" on my neck (Friend has still not stopped talking at this time). I quickly zipped up and ran out.When my friend finally joined me outside, I asked him if he had heard the whistle. He said "Of course! You were the one whistling all this while, right?". I told him I'm not the one. Needless to say, we never used that toilet anymore. Several months later, we noticed that the toilet had been "Closed" for a long period of time (Closed for several months). Maybe the management found out something...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New company premises

My company moved to its new premises in Changi 2 years ago and when we moved in after it was renovated, it was pretty much exciting times for us as we were in bigger premises.Anyway, the stories started with a male colleague who was in the common toilet in the lift lobby and he had just finished his big business in the cubicle when he heard the main toilet door being flung open and someone pressing the tap urgently to wash his hands. Thinking that the guy was probably in a hurry, and he still hearing the urgent pressing of the tap, he walked out of the cubicle zipping up his fly and when he took the 3 steps it took him to see the wash basin in full view, he saw NOTHING.

Not a single soul was standing there and it couldn't be that the 'person' could have left the toilet that quickly because he still heard the sound of the tap being pressed when he walked out of the cubicle. He was very puzzled, rather than scared and he went round the office to ask who had been in the toilet but of course, no one went there. That was the start of many weird things in the office. For instance, there was one night when one of the female execs saw a male figure appear from nowhere, walk to towards the exit and disappeared. Our cubicle space is arranged in such a way that we have columns of 3-4 desks per column and one desk is situated behind the front and so on and so forth. She was seated in the very first seat and she turned round and wanted to ask her colleague who was in the 2nd seat her something and that was when she saw the figure.

Also, one of the warehouse personnel who is sensitive to things of the supernatural nature claim that he can see a man standing, silently, in the corner of the warehouse office. The 'man' is doing nothing, just standing there. Another colleague often has to stay behind, late, to complete rush jobs and there was once when the lights of the office suddenly went dead but came back on almost immediately but one section at a time. (3 switches control all the lights in the office; switch off one and you turn off one section)

Lastly, the warehouse manager, who is rather sceptical about such things, encountered something spooky when he reported for work. He usually is the first to the warehouse office and he likes to take his own sweet time to turn on the lights; he would rather unlock all the doors and gates first before turning them on. Anyway, he did the usual again in the morning and when he was approaching this particular electronic roller shutter gate, he heard voices and laughter from the other side of the roller shutter. When he opened up the shutter, there was no one there! And no one goes to work that early except him! After that, he changed his habits

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where do ghosts go for weight management?

Another story from Herman....

We have a counter up in the departmental store as well and every year, when we do our financial stocktake, we would do it only after store operation hours, which means that we start at 10.00pm till the time we finish. There was this one time when we had like 15 people doing the stocktake and I was doing the down loading of scanned information into the computer when one colleague came with her scanner for me to download. She then casually asked me who was the plump lady that was standing at another counter, looking at golf clubs and I asked her, what plump lady? No one in our team was plump so obviously it couldn't be from our company and there were no shoppers around since the store is already closed.

She insisted that she saw a plump lady browsing through the golf clubs and she only caught a glimpse of her when she walked past that section. Later on, on another occasion, I had the opportunity to talk to the retail staff that were based there and they recited this incident to me, which happened in broad daylight - a customer was at another counter, looking at shoes when she saw a female staff and asked her to bring her size for her. The staff disappear round the corner into the mini storeroom BEHIND our counter. The customer then waited for a while and was curious why she took so long, so she asked my staff who was at the counter but whose back was facing the storeroom door, if she could check on the female staff she approached. My staff was puzzled as she did not hear anyone enter the door behind her, much less see anyone but she obliged anyway and opened the door for the customer to see. The customer's eyes were wide open in shock because she insisted that she saw the 'staff' walk into the storeroom. When my staff asked her to describe the woman, she described her as 'plump' but my staff was very sure that there's no one matching that description up at their level!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Father & son spooks staff

A story from my friend, Hermann.

I work in a retail company and we had a store in W**ma a couple of years ago. Its just a normal retail store but the storeroom is half a level lower, meaning to go to the storeroom, you need to take a short flight of stairs down.The stories began about unopened half-drunk bottles of Coke that were left behind by the staff and it culminated in the sighting of shadows and hearing of a man's and a child's voice.

One day, one female staff saw a pair of kid's legs from behind the curtain of the changing room and as there was a customer who wanted to use the changing room, she thought she would ask the child to play elsewhere. When she popped her head around the curtain, she saw no one there!Thinking that she made a mistake, she thought nothing of it but the next time, she distinctly saw a child-adult combo walking from the fitting room and disappearing into the storeroom (fitting rooms and storeroom were facing each other).

The matter was reported to me and we invited a monk to come cleanse the outlet. I was present that day and when he finished his rounds, I asked him if there was really a child's spirit in the store and he said that there's a 'big one, as well as a small one'! So I asked him how on earth they appeared when before that, we did not have any incidents and he said that because we had 5 mannequins in the window, it represented the 'wu men' (in mandarin) in chinese paranormal activity and that these 5 mannequins acted as a portal to invite them into our premises! He then gave us a gold-coloured pagoda to place in the window so that the spirits could reside inside.

When we moved out of the location, we gave the pagoda back to him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Supernatural possession

This is a story (True to me at least) that happened during my late teens. Whenever I tell this to my friends, nobody believes me...

My motorcycle group decided that this Saturday night would be spent in East Coast Park (Big carpark at the end), where we laid poncho covers on the grass and turn it into a major talk cock session. We started late at 12am+ but the last time I saw my watch it was already close to 3am, I started to feel dizzy and laid myself down and dozed off.

Something inside me suddenly told me to wake up now! I opened my eyes and because our bikes were parked at the side of the road, I was worried TP or aunties will come and issue summon and quickly turned my head in the direction of my bike. Everything was OK, everybody was asleep, no TP or aunties and my bike was still there intact BUT the headlight was ON! My headlights had a different switch and one was normal white and the other was blue. My headlights were RED! WTF?!! I must be bloody dreaming... closed my eyes for a while, told myself wake up lah..... opened my eyes again... My headlights were off. OK, I was really dreaming.

Fast forward... time to go home. I started my bike, turned on both headlight colours once again. Normal colours. OK ride home.... Now the "fun" begins! Bike kept accelerating by itself (OK... there has to be an explanation for this. Throttle cable must be jammed!) and when I came to a bend, the bike bent itself down. Throughout the whole journey, my brakes were all ON to slow my bike down and every corner, I'm not bending it down but spending my cow strength to pull it up so that I don't low-side and crash the bike. Luckily I stay nearby and I managed to reach home in one piece. After getting enough sleep at home, I went to my bike again. Throttle is very well greased, no chance of it being jammed at all. Lights are normal. Everything is normal. Did some prayers and I followed my mum's instructions to tell whatever was on my bike "to move on and don't bother me when I have not offended it". Everything was normal after that.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Living beside an undertaker

My childhood friend lived in one of the 2 storey shophouses somewhere along Serangoon Road. One of his neighbours was an undertaker. Since young, his dad had warned him, if during the 7th month you come home late, don't go by back door. Come in from the front gate. One day he came home 11pm+, took the shortcut, and walked into the small alley which leads to a circular lobby area with stairs leading to all the different houses. As he walked further into the alley he realised that they are more & more people in white at the lobby area. Mostly standing around talking (In a language he didn't understand) but some were squatting down crying... when he realised what was happening, it was too late. He tried turning back and walking out the alley, he saw many of those things along both sides of the alley (When he walked in, there was nothing). So he LL, walked past all of them and went home after that.He has CCTV installed at his place. During 7th month you could hear very distinctly people talking right in front of his main gate but when you looked at the the CCTV monitor, there was nothing....

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My 1st experience with the supernatural during my army days

Abdullah & me were "patrol buddies" during one of our duty days. We were armed with probably the most dangerous weapons the SAF soldier will ever lay his hands on... the CHUNGKOL STICK!SBMT (Now known as Nee Soon Camp), 1st wing has always been a magnet for ghost stories and now is our chance to find out. 11pm +/-, me & Abdul were walking behind this particular building which was vacant. As it was late and we didn't think any commanders would be walking around, we decided to stay at the back of this building to "rest a while" before our duty ends. Abdullah crouched up at one end of the building, while I crouched up at the other end. I was very very sleepy and actually slept with my face in my knees. Suddenly, I felt a "slap" on my back! First thought was Abdullah played a prank and was the one slapping my back. When I opened my eyes, Abdullah was asleep at the other end of the building. There was NO WAY he could have hit me and run back before my eyes opened! OK... he must have thrown something (I was 2 metres away from the corner of the building (L shaped) against the wall, and in it's rebound the thing hit my back. But no!! There was nothing behind as well... needless to say, I ran to Abdullah, woke him and told him we needed to go away quickly. When he saw me run, he ran too...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sighting at Singapore Science Centre

Today's story is one that was told to me at least 10-15 years ago. I was visiting her in her home and was browsing through her photograph albums. I came across this ugly photo of what seems to be something dashing past the camera in a split second when the shutters opened. This "blurness" took up about 85-90% of the entire photograph. I asked her "Why keep this photograph? It looks like somebody's hand or something got in the way."

"I'm keeping this to remind me about something spooky that happened to us during this photoshoot." she replied. So what really happened?It was a get-together of former classmates at the Singapore Science Centre. After spending an afternoon exploring the exhibits within the centre, the group had converged outside the building for several photograph taking opportunities. The skies were turning dark, afterall it's already 7pm+. They had positioned themselves for a final group photo at the car park, and the camera was set on a 10 second delay so that everyone could be captured. Just before the camera went off, there was a loud piercing, high pitched shriek coming from the back of the group and the sound dashed to the front of the group.

Then the camera snapped....At this point of time, the skeptics were wondering who in the group was pulling the prank but one thing was sure. Nobody wants to stay behind anymore and everybody left. One more thing to note.... a few minutes before the photo was taken, one of the boys caught a glimpse of a lady in white (He only saw the back view)walking around the carpark where everybody was and he told a friend about it. They tried looking for the "lady" but never found her and never thought much about it till the photographs were published.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

2 stories about a camp in Tanjung Gul

New camp duty

I was finally posted away from that camp. I don't really know if it was for the better or worse. We deemed it "God forsaken land" as it is at the end of Singapore, away from civilisation (Except for shipyards). After spending 2 weeks of bliss in this stay out camp, my turn for duty has finally arrived.

I made a very wrong move by asking my buddy..."Are there ghosts at night here?". "Yes!" came his reply. "Are you sure? Stop kidding me...." I repeated. "Yes!" he said again. I didn't want to believe him (Although he is one that would never lie) and so I asked campmate no.2. Again same answer... !! I'll go ask Madam Chew. Madam Chew will never tell me lies. "Maaaam! Are there ghosts here at night?"

She replied...."Are you crazy? Don't go and disturb it, it won't come and disturb you..." Thanks for a reassuring answer Mdm Chew!!!! I tried not to think about it and here's the itinerary for the duty:-1720hrs:- Conduct roll call, read RO to them and fall them out 1800hrs:- Go cookhouse for dinner, come back to building (2 stories), ensure every single room is locked (Except toilets of course). Bring flower pots that are placed on the 2nd floor balcony into the building. Lock main gate (That means locking yourself into the building till 7am next morning). Sometime at 2000hrs, theres supposed to be night snack consumption but the walk is so long and the food is uurrgh! Nobody bothers!Fast forward.... 2150hrs+/-..... I'm inside Ops Room, all by myself, watching TV, with a phone beside me (Cannot use the phone one ... if this phone rings, it'll mean activating all soldiers to go to war... imagine you're having a long chat with your girlfriend and they cannot get thru..).

I thought I heard something... cannot be.. I'm all alone in the building, so where can the noise come from? I mute the TV to listen clearer....The flower pots that were placed just outside the ops room were moving (Or so the sound suggests).... They were being dragged from one end of the hall to the other and back, repeatedly. It is definately not my imagination as the sounds were clear.... Wat a night! The next morning, when people started coming back to the camp... they were kpo and started asking..."So what did you see last night?" "I thought you all saw before, so why ask me?" The problem as I found out, this ghost is different everytime. Everybody's first duty sure kenna one (After that no more). One fella said he went for night snack and came back and saw a lady in white sitting on the roof of the bldg. Another one was worse, he was watching TV as well and heard footsteps along the corridor... he was stupid enough to open up the door to see who is that... a pair of slippers walking (And nothing else).

Printer (Another experience in the same camp) It was Saturday afternoon and I was doing duty. Nothing much to do, so I walked around the different offices to make sure their rooms are locked. The office next to mine was locked but I could hear the printer working OT. (Common thing sometimes because they'll be used to print SAF100). I just noted that in my duty report that PC was left ON over the weekend. Monday morning, I was called by the WO to answer to my report. Nobody was tasked to print anything using that PC/Printer and the record shows that the particular PC had not been switched on since Friday afternoon.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ghost Dog

Same camp but I was still a private during that time. I'm in charge of area cleaning of the HQ block, central staircase (The most suay area becos only Offrs & WOs can use this stairs so it must be in tip top condition 24/7).One day after lunch while I was walking back from the cookhouse, I saw at the other end of the bldg, a dog was walking towards me. I dun really care cos we may have enough dogs in the camp to form a platoon! As I was walking nearer to the centre of the building (And the staircase), so was the dog. The dog was an ugly, dirty, muddy dog... unlike the usual slightly cleaner ones. I hope & pray this dog won't go up the central staircase and dirty it (If not I jialat liao... sure kenna extra duties!).We were both the same distance away from the staircase. When I stopped, the dog stopped too. I suddenly had an idea. Why dun I just run towards the dog suddenly, scaring it and it may run the opposite direction. It backfired... as I ran towards the dog, the dog ran towards me (& the staircase faster). Eventually it reached the stairs faster than I did. I was very very close to it though. If I wanted to jump at it, I could easily grab it's tail.... I am that close. The strange thing was when the dog turned (The stairs are oval shaped) the corner, it completely disappeared! And to think I was just a nano second behind it! I carried on, ran up, looked at 2nd floor corridor, no sign of it, ran up again, 3rd floor corridor, still nothing, 4th floor, nothing!! As I was going down, my friend saw me and asked WTH I was doing... I told him and he laughed! I saw you running as if you're looking for something but I dun see any dog.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

BOS / COS duty

I was doing BOS duty, and as usual, around 8pm, I arrowed the COS & duty clerk to Lum Chiam Pass and see who is the lucky one to collect night snack from the cookhouse. The COS lost and went to the cookhouse by himself while I stayed in the Ops room watching TV, enjoying the aircon. In less than 5 minutes, the COS returned, face pale, and full of sweat! "What happened?" I asked.

"Sergeant!! I saw ghosts!!".....was his reply. "Nonsense!! There is no such thing as ghosts!" I replied (This was said to calm him down. After so many experiences, I BELIEVE in ghosts!!) "So sit down and tell me what happened?"

"I was walking towards HQ block (The cookhouse is behind the HQ block) and I saw this rubbish bin was shaking. As I walked nearer to the bin, the shaking got harder and suddenly the bin cover flew off! I thought it must have been some stray dog (BTW stray dogs are plenty in that camp!!) that was living inside the bin and went even nearer. Then the contents of the bin started flying out and I was thinking day area cleaning this fella jialat liao lor.. I tried to go near the bin and scare the dog away from the bin and began running towards it. The next thing, the bin shook so violently, it tumbled & fell. Open end towards me... I could see that it's empty and nothing inside. That's when I ran back... Sergeant, can you go and check or not?"

I told him "You siao ah! No such thing as ghosts lah. Anyway, not BOS duty to go and check on dustbin. If you want, I send you there again to check and you write me a report to give to RSM." Needless to say, I'm not to keen to check it out.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Loung Phor Statue

Many years ago, I was looking to buy a used car. There was once I spotted newspaper classifieds a Daihatsu GTti for sale, many extras, very sporty & fast bla bla bla... I gave a call to the car dealer to went down to take a look... When I reached there, I was disappointed because they told me that the car was supposed to be returned to them yesterday (It had gone for a respray) but they had another fast car for sale, a 1990 Honda CRX. It was out of my budget but since I'm already there, might as well, test drive it, right? After the test drive, all my blood gone everywhere but my brain. I bought the CRX! Excitedly after collecting the car, I called my ex classmate "Hey Brudder! I bought the same car as you!!". He asked me "What's your plate registration number?" "SBL7375" was my reply..."AIYO!!! Why did you buy that car? That car was involved in a very serious accident! Someone died in the car!" I interrupted him and said "Hey, stop being a wet blanket... I just bought this car. Don't scare me now!". He went on and on...I decided not to let him affect my good mood and hung up on him.

There was a very "minor" problem with the car and it happened many times... Occasionally when I sit in the car with my gf (Now wife), there would be a fart smell. Unable to take it anymore once I told her nicely, "Don't fart inside enclosed aircon space please.... very smelly.". She argued back that it was me!! OK ... women have this thing called pride and won't admit it's her, so I took the blame instead (Although it's not me). One day, I was driving by myself, the smell came back. I froze! Straight away, I drove back to see my business partner. "Tell me the truth... Is mine an accident car". (My business partner and I ran a car accessories business together but he has 30 years experience in car accident repairs). He said "Yes. It must be very serious too because your roof is also affected". I called the car dealer to tell me more details. "Your car ex owner died in an accident. Car overturned but dun worry, we have already fixed the car nice nice for you already!".

I have tried placing Jap Buddhist beads but the smell wouldn't go away. My partner asked if I can put aside my religion for a while and let him try his Thai Buddhism to rid of whatever's in the car. I agreed. He placed a 3 cm tall Thai Monk statue in the front of the car. After putting the statue, the smell disappeared TOTALLY! (This story has ended but there is one more part linking this to the statue that he put in the car)

Continuation...Every since the smell went away.. I lived with the car happily ever after. However there was one day, while on the way to work from the PIE, it was raining heavily. I was travelling on the right most lane (Becos it was the fastest lane) and I saw in my backview mirror a white car tailgating me! WTF?!! It's raining so heavily and still this guy is tailgating me so closely? He was so close, I could almost see his face and just one light tap on my brake pedal will result in an accident.... My eyes shifted back to my front view and I went into panic mode. The Mercedes slowed down due to slow traffic ahead. As my right foot jammed the middle pedal as hard as it could, both my palms held my steering as firmly as they could (To prepare for the inpending accident) and my eyes shifted back to my rear view mirror... "There is no way this car will not bump into my car... NO WAY AT ALL!" Instead of hitting my rear, the white car mysteriously spun 2 rounds and whacked right into the centre divider railings. As I saw all these happen in my rear view mirror... shock overcame me as I further saw the car behind this white car whack into it, the driver's side. Despite the cold airconditioning, I was sweating, my hands went numb, and my heart was beating frantically.... Many questions ran in my head... This guy was so close... why didn't his car hit me and yet spun out of no reason.. He was really really close... Did he die as the rear car rammed into his car?When I went back to my office and I told my partner my story. He assured me that it was not my fault and there was no need to blame myself... He also said he was going to take back his monk statue but since it had helped me twice, he believed my fate is stronger with it and I should keep it instead.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New spiritual statue working?

Few years ago, my business partner & I (Together with our wives) went on a holy "Visit as many temples" trip to Bangkok. There was one particular temple we went (I'm bad with Thai names but he's famous for sitting on a tiger, is it LP Pern?) and the LP gave us each a gift. I got a wood craved statue of a tiger. This tiger is in a seated position with mantra inscription on the front chest and a monk image on the back. I liked it very much and when my wife & I went back to the hotel room, we actually had a 3 minute discussion on which side of this statue should face us.Finally we both agreed that the tiger (Not the monk) should face our bed when we sleep (Sleep hor, nothing else cos we are too tired!). I was the first to wake up and when I looked at my statue, the monk was facing us instead! When my wife woke, she said she had not touched it at all, in fact, she slept earlier than I did. Could it have been helping us fend off something in the room while we were asleep? We'll never know.....More true stories coming up...

Friday, September 12, 2008

The haunted Bedok Reservoir Block

More than a decade ago, there was a famous block in BR (Beside the expressway) which was rumoured to be haunted and the whole block was vacated and sealed off. Being young (& stupid), we decided to pay the block a visit. We went in a group of 20+ comprising of mostly colleagues & their partners, after work (11pm+) and went there in a convoy of motorcycles.When we parked in the carpark, one of my friends, Joey, (He worships Satan btw) told us he can see a lady looking out of the window in the 1st house of the 2nd floor. Some of them could see it but I can't (Btw at this point of time, I'm very skeptical if there was going to be any supernatural stuff).We were told not to hang out at the void deck (Good advise & you'll know why later) and so we proceeded to the surrounding areas with stone seats and hung out there. The staircase were all sealed with wooden planks but that did not deter Joey & another gung ho fellas from climbing the water pipes onto the staircase landing in between 1st & 2nd floor. While they were up there, we had sensed something was wrong happening around the void deck. Initially I thought I did not clean my specs properly. I took them off and to my surprise, they were clean and spotless. I thought I had saw an apparition darting around the void deck but could not be sure. My buddy asked me if I had seen anything, I denied and said no and asked him where he saw it (Just to be sure). He said void deck, something very fast, moving here and there. Just what I needed.... confirmation!!When I looked at it "properly", it is roughly the shape of a human but it was unclear (For those of you who have seen the movie, predator, it looks like the invisible mode where you can see the background behind the predator diffused). Needless to say, eventually everybody realised this thing is there at the void deck but we couldn't leave our 3 friends up there and so we waited. When the 3 of them finally came down, we left the place quickly and went to our next haunted place. (BTW they didn't see anything up there except many burnt joss & offerings all over the corridors of the block).