Sunday, September 14, 2008

New spiritual statue working?

Few years ago, my business partner & I (Together with our wives) went on a holy "Visit as many temples" trip to Bangkok. There was one particular temple we went (I'm bad with Thai names but he's famous for sitting on a tiger, is it LP Pern?) and the LP gave us each a gift. I got a wood craved statue of a tiger. This tiger is in a seated position with mantra inscription on the front chest and a monk image on the back. I liked it very much and when my wife & I went back to the hotel room, we actually had a 3 minute discussion on which side of this statue should face us.Finally we both agreed that the tiger (Not the monk) should face our bed when we sleep (Sleep hor, nothing else cos we are too tired!). I was the first to wake up and when I looked at my statue, the monk was facing us instead! When my wife woke, she said she had not touched it at all, in fact, she slept earlier than I did. Could it have been helping us fend off something in the room while we were asleep? We'll never know.....More true stories coming up...