Friday, September 12, 2008

The haunted Bedok Reservoir Block

More than a decade ago, there was a famous block in BR (Beside the expressway) which was rumoured to be haunted and the whole block was vacated and sealed off. Being young (& stupid), we decided to pay the block a visit. We went in a group of 20+ comprising of mostly colleagues & their partners, after work (11pm+) and went there in a convoy of motorcycles.When we parked in the carpark, one of my friends, Joey, (He worships Satan btw) told us he can see a lady looking out of the window in the 1st house of the 2nd floor. Some of them could see it but I can't (Btw at this point of time, I'm very skeptical if there was going to be any supernatural stuff).We were told not to hang out at the void deck (Good advise & you'll know why later) and so we proceeded to the surrounding areas with stone seats and hung out there. The staircase were all sealed with wooden planks but that did not deter Joey & another gung ho fellas from climbing the water pipes onto the staircase landing in between 1st & 2nd floor. While they were up there, we had sensed something was wrong happening around the void deck. Initially I thought I did not clean my specs properly. I took them off and to my surprise, they were clean and spotless. I thought I had saw an apparition darting around the void deck but could not be sure. My buddy asked me if I had seen anything, I denied and said no and asked him where he saw it (Just to be sure). He said void deck, something very fast, moving here and there. Just what I needed.... confirmation!!When I looked at it "properly", it is roughly the shape of a human but it was unclear (For those of you who have seen the movie, predator, it looks like the invisible mode where you can see the background behind the predator diffused). Needless to say, eventually everybody realised this thing is there at the void deck but we couldn't leave our 3 friends up there and so we waited. When the 3 of them finally came down, we left the place quickly and went to our next haunted place. (BTW they didn't see anything up there except many burnt joss & offerings all over the corridors of the block).