Monday, September 15, 2008

Loung Phor Statue

Many years ago, I was looking to buy a used car. There was once I spotted newspaper classifieds a Daihatsu GTti for sale, many extras, very sporty & fast bla bla bla... I gave a call to the car dealer to went down to take a look... When I reached there, I was disappointed because they told me that the car was supposed to be returned to them yesterday (It had gone for a respray) but they had another fast car for sale, a 1990 Honda CRX. It was out of my budget but since I'm already there, might as well, test drive it, right? After the test drive, all my blood gone everywhere but my brain. I bought the CRX! Excitedly after collecting the car, I called my ex classmate "Hey Brudder! I bought the same car as you!!". He asked me "What's your plate registration number?" "SBL7375" was my reply..."AIYO!!! Why did you buy that car? That car was involved in a very serious accident! Someone died in the car!" I interrupted him and said "Hey, stop being a wet blanket... I just bought this car. Don't scare me now!". He went on and on...I decided not to let him affect my good mood and hung up on him.

There was a very "minor" problem with the car and it happened many times... Occasionally when I sit in the car with my gf (Now wife), there would be a fart smell. Unable to take it anymore once I told her nicely, "Don't fart inside enclosed aircon space please.... very smelly.". She argued back that it was me!! OK ... women have this thing called pride and won't admit it's her, so I took the blame instead (Although it's not me). One day, I was driving by myself, the smell came back. I froze! Straight away, I drove back to see my business partner. "Tell me the truth... Is mine an accident car". (My business partner and I ran a car accessories business together but he has 30 years experience in car accident repairs). He said "Yes. It must be very serious too because your roof is also affected". I called the car dealer to tell me more details. "Your car ex owner died in an accident. Car overturned but dun worry, we have already fixed the car nice nice for you already!".

I have tried placing Jap Buddhist beads but the smell wouldn't go away. My partner asked if I can put aside my religion for a while and let him try his Thai Buddhism to rid of whatever's in the car. I agreed. He placed a 3 cm tall Thai Monk statue in the front of the car. After putting the statue, the smell disappeared TOTALLY! (This story has ended but there is one more part linking this to the statue that he put in the car)

Continuation...Every since the smell went away.. I lived with the car happily ever after. However there was one day, while on the way to work from the PIE, it was raining heavily. I was travelling on the right most lane (Becos it was the fastest lane) and I saw in my backview mirror a white car tailgating me! WTF?!! It's raining so heavily and still this guy is tailgating me so closely? He was so close, I could almost see his face and just one light tap on my brake pedal will result in an accident.... My eyes shifted back to my front view and I went into panic mode. The Mercedes slowed down due to slow traffic ahead. As my right foot jammed the middle pedal as hard as it could, both my palms held my steering as firmly as they could (To prepare for the inpending accident) and my eyes shifted back to my rear view mirror... "There is no way this car will not bump into my car... NO WAY AT ALL!" Instead of hitting my rear, the white car mysteriously spun 2 rounds and whacked right into the centre divider railings. As I saw all these happen in my rear view mirror... shock overcame me as I further saw the car behind this white car whack into it, the driver's side. Despite the cold airconditioning, I was sweating, my hands went numb, and my heart was beating frantically.... Many questions ran in my head... This guy was so close... why didn't his car hit me and yet spun out of no reason.. He was really really close... Did he die as the rear car rammed into his car?When I went back to my office and I told my partner my story. He assured me that it was not my fault and there was no need to blame myself... He also said he was going to take back his monk statue but since it had helped me twice, he believed my fate is stronger with it and I should keep it instead.