Sunday, September 21, 2008

BOS / COS duty

I was doing BOS duty, and as usual, around 8pm, I arrowed the COS & duty clerk to Lum Chiam Pass and see who is the lucky one to collect night snack from the cookhouse. The COS lost and went to the cookhouse by himself while I stayed in the Ops room watching TV, enjoying the aircon. In less than 5 minutes, the COS returned, face pale, and full of sweat! "What happened?" I asked.

"Sergeant!! I saw ghosts!!".....was his reply. "Nonsense!! There is no such thing as ghosts!" I replied (This was said to calm him down. After so many experiences, I BELIEVE in ghosts!!) "So sit down and tell me what happened?"

"I was walking towards HQ block (The cookhouse is behind the HQ block) and I saw this rubbish bin was shaking. As I walked nearer to the bin, the shaking got harder and suddenly the bin cover flew off! I thought it must have been some stray dog (BTW stray dogs are plenty in that camp!!) that was living inside the bin and went even nearer. Then the contents of the bin started flying out and I was thinking day area cleaning this fella jialat liao lor.. I tried to go near the bin and scare the dog away from the bin and began running towards it. The next thing, the bin shook so violently, it tumbled & fell. Open end towards me... I could see that it's empty and nothing inside. That's when I ran back... Sergeant, can you go and check or not?"

I told him "You siao ah! No such thing as ghosts lah. Anyway, not BOS duty to go and check on dustbin. If you want, I send you there again to check and you write me a report to give to RSM." Needless to say, I'm not to keen to check it out.