Monday, September 29, 2008

Sighting at Singapore Science Centre

Today's story is one that was told to me at least 10-15 years ago. I was visiting her in her home and was browsing through her photograph albums. I came across this ugly photo of what seems to be something dashing past the camera in a split second when the shutters opened. This "blurness" took up about 85-90% of the entire photograph. I asked her "Why keep this photograph? It looks like somebody's hand or something got in the way."

"I'm keeping this to remind me about something spooky that happened to us during this photoshoot." she replied. So what really happened?It was a get-together of former classmates at the Singapore Science Centre. After spending an afternoon exploring the exhibits within the centre, the group had converged outside the building for several photograph taking opportunities. The skies were turning dark, afterall it's already 7pm+. They had positioned themselves for a final group photo at the car park, and the camera was set on a 10 second delay so that everyone could be captured. Just before the camera went off, there was a loud piercing, high pitched shriek coming from the back of the group and the sound dashed to the front of the group.

Then the camera snapped....At this point of time, the skeptics were wondering who in the group was pulling the prank but one thing was sure. Nobody wants to stay behind anymore and everybody left. One more thing to note.... a few minutes before the photo was taken, one of the boys caught a glimpse of a lady in white (He only saw the back view)walking around the carpark where everybody was and he told a friend about it. They tried looking for the "lady" but never found her and never thought much about it till the photographs were published.