Tuesday, October 26, 2010

United Square (Formerly known as Goldhill Square)

In my younger days, I was working as a games promoter during my school holidays, in a departmental store in Goldhill Square (Now known as United Square). We were given one day off in a week and whenever it’s our off day, another promoter will be assigned to take over for that day. The promoter that is assigned to take over my duties coincidentally is a good friend of mine, Doris.

Doris called me after her shift, and asked me out for coffee (I find that very strange because usually after a day’s work, we’re usually very tired and surely, we’d like to go home to sleep). I agreed and we went to Newton Hawker Centre, together with another mutual friend of ours, Sunil.

Doris wasn’t her usual chirpy & cheery self. It took quite a lot of coaxing before something came out from her. As new stocks arrived today at the store, Doris had to spend time moving and stacking them neatly into the racks in the storeroom. This task sounds simple but it takes somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes to complete this strenuous job. While she was in the storeroom stacking, she saw a horrific supernatural sight….

At this point of time, she broke down again and we stopped the conversation totally as we could see she was greatly affected. (Till the last day we met, I have not been able to successfully bring up the topic without affecting her) Needless to say, she refused to be assigned back in that particular departmental store and I was lucky to have avoided stock replenishment!

Sunil later also shared a story with me about that shopping mall. He had parked his car in the mall’s carpark one day and went shopping with his brother. After they were done, they went back to the carpark to get the car and drove off. Although it was a small carpark, they could not seem to get out of the same floor. This is probably what some people would call “Ghost covering your eyes” and I have heard several stories of people unable to walk out of a particular place but this is the first time, about a car. They finally got out after more than a hour.

Before you start avoiding United Square after this tale, let me assure you that this happened in the 80’s and in the last 2 years, I have been frequently going to this shopping mall and the carpark is very well routed. If you really can’t drive out of the same floor in 5 minutes…. Start praying!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spiritual Possession

This happened during my teenage days. I was an avid computer gamer then and whenever my mum had planned for an evening of prayer sessions at home, I feel deliriously happy. Prayer sessions are basically invites for her friends to come to our house to visit, pray together and have food. What makes me really happy is…. I don’t have to study that evening and can stick to my PC playing games till they leave!

There was one evening, my mum came to me and told me “Son, tonight we have a prayer session and there will be a very special guest joining us. I hope you can join us at the prayer, if not, please go to your room to study or play games. Whatever it is, I want you to remain calm.” I didn’t understand the last sentence but the euphoric feeling of getting permission to play PC games all night made me forget about all else!

The guests arrived (About 30+ pax) and I headed straight into my room (As instructed by my mum, I can’t close my door because that is perceived as a sign of rudeness). The prayers started and less than 5 minutes later, I heard someone laughing in the midst of the prayer drone. The laughter sounded sinister and went on despite the prayers. At this point, I was very curious to find out who is so laughing so rudely and stuck my head out of my room. In the middle of the living hall, was a Chinese lady in her 40s, she is surrounded by other devotees who are all kneeled down and continuing their prayers despite the strange happenings. It seemed normal initially, then I saw her face suddenly turn dark purple and she started laughing again! She swayed and swayed as she was laughing. At this point, I freaked out, went into my room and locked the door. I only opened the door when the very last guest left at 1130pm and went straight to mum for answers.

My mum explained that this lady regularly allowed spiritual possessions 2 years ago. When she decided to stop doing this, some spirits left but some of the stubborn ones stayed with her and will disturb her during her sleep, strangling her at times and disrupts her daily life. It was then, she turned to religion in the hope that these evil spirits will leave her. My mum told me that I had missed the last part since I had closed my door. The lady got up from her kneeling position, and trudged forward, with her hands propped out as if she wanted to reach out to the Buddhist Talisman to tear it but everytime she tried to do that, she was repelled away as if there was an invisible force field. She only went back to being herself after half an hour or so and didn’t have any recollection of what happened. 

That purple face coupled with that laughter stayed in my memory till today…..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Member

Since childhood, my wife, PT & Carol has been the best of friends. Carol who is a HK citizen lives with PT as she is studying here. Besides spending time out in the malls, the trio does regularly house visits. All these changed when PT’s dad passed away and my wife stopped going to PT’s house totally.

A few years ago, Carol came back to Singapore for a social visit and naturally she would stay over at PT’s house during this period. Together with my wife & PT, we went to the airport to welcome Carol. I drove PT & Carol back to the former’s apartment and naturally as the only guy among the 4, I offered my help with the luggage. My wife told me to help bring Carol’s luggage up while she stays in the car as she is “tired”. I found her behaviour strange (Especially since they have not met each other for months now) but didn’t think further.

PT opened the door and I was told that I can leave the luggage at the front door and go off now. I went downstairs back into my car. As I was driving back, my wife asked me “Was anybody at home in PT’s place?” I replied “No.” My wife asked again more specifically “Did you see her dad?” Amused by what my wife asked, I replied “Didn’t you mention that her dad passed away several years ago? So why would her dad be home unless she has a stepdad now?” 

Apparently, my wife has stopped visiting PT’s house after her dad’s demise because PT’s dad didn’t really “leave”. He has living with them all this while and prior to his untimely death, he was a cheerful man who had an extreme sense of prankish humour. He remains the same till this day! He’d stroke your hair, turn off the lights when you’re in the toilet/bathroom, make the phone ring and and when you pick it up, he’ll tell you it’s a joke.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The power of salt

I saw a very useful post on an internet forum, made by "mindfulness" and with his gracious permission, I share this information with all my readers.


Take a handful of sea salt plus a handful of glutinous rice(UNCOOKED) and step with your left foot out and throw out the handful of rice while asking them to go (shout loudly if necessary but avoid saying "Huat ah") and throw it at all corners.(Dark corners or places damp and dark are especially bad) 

Take a bucket of water with sea salt mixed with pomelo leaves and use it to mop to the house house daily. Put a saucer of coarse salt at the toilets window. Keep them dry and replace where necessary.

At all areas of the house where it is dark, especially dark corridors, install bright lights and turn them on day and night for 7 nights. If windows are available at dark corners, open them during day time and let the house absorb more sunlight. 

Grow two ports of pomegranate plants outside main door, do not use cactus. 

Go to those Fortune Centre near Middle Road and buy 3 things: 

1. A "shi gan dang" and put in front of your main door or in a place where it faces your main door. It blocks entry to certain things from going into your home.

2. A long wooden sword made of peach wood. If you are able to, get as many as you can with the long one facing the main door and smaller ones on the room doors facing out. These things are GOOD!!! Even a wooden flute with red threads/fastenings will be good.

3. A coin sword made of coins of course interwoven with vermillion threads. Get this from places where they blessed the items. 

Someone tried this alt method - Now all is quiet, wife no bad dreams, kids don't wake up at night and they don't feel any presence lurking around. 

Salt is the best cleanser if nothing else is available.