Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My 1st experience with the supernatural during my army days

Abdullah & me were "patrol buddies" during one of our duty days. We were armed with probably the most dangerous weapons the SAF soldier will ever lay his hands on... the CHUNGKOL STICK!SBMT (Now known as Nee Soon Camp), 1st wing has always been a magnet for ghost stories and now is our chance to find out. 11pm +/-, me & Abdul were walking behind this particular building which was vacant. As it was late and we didn't think any commanders would be walking around, we decided to stay at the back of this building to "rest a while" before our duty ends. Abdullah crouched up at one end of the building, while I crouched up at the other end. I was very very sleepy and actually slept with my face in my knees. Suddenly, I felt a "slap" on my back! First thought was Abdullah played a prank and was the one slapping my back. When I opened my eyes, Abdullah was asleep at the other end of the building. There was NO WAY he could have hit me and run back before my eyes opened! OK... he must have thrown something (I was 2 metres away from the corner of the building (L shaped) against the wall, and in it's rebound the thing hit my back. But no!! There was nothing behind as well... needless to say, I ran to Abdullah, woke him and told him we needed to go away quickly. When he saw me run, he ran too...