Sunday, October 12, 2008

Living beside an undertaker

My childhood friend lived in one of the 2 storey shophouses somewhere along Serangoon Road. One of his neighbours was an undertaker. Since young, his dad had warned him, if during the 7th month you come home late, don't go by back door. Come in from the front gate. One day he came home 11pm+, took the shortcut, and walked into the small alley which leads to a circular lobby area with stairs leading to all the different houses. As he walked further into the alley he realised that they are more & more people in white at the lobby area. Mostly standing around talking (In a language he didn't understand) but some were squatting down crying... when he realised what was happening, it was too late. He tried turning back and walking out the alley, he saw many of those things along both sides of the alley (When he walked in, there was nothing). So he LL, walked past all of them and went home after that.He has CCTV installed at his place. During 7th month you could hear very distinctly people talking right in front of his main gate but when you looked at the the CCTV monitor, there was nothing....