Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where do ghosts go for weight management?

Another story from Herman....

We have a counter up in the departmental store as well and every year, when we do our financial stocktake, we would do it only after store operation hours, which means that we start at 10.00pm till the time we finish. There was this one time when we had like 15 people doing the stocktake and I was doing the down loading of scanned information into the computer when one colleague came with her scanner for me to download. She then casually asked me who was the plump lady that was standing at another counter, looking at golf clubs and I asked her, what plump lady? No one in our team was plump so obviously it couldn't be from our company and there were no shoppers around since the store is already closed.

She insisted that she saw a plump lady browsing through the golf clubs and she only caught a glimpse of her when she walked past that section. Later on, on another occasion, I had the opportunity to talk to the retail staff that were based there and they recited this incident to me, which happened in broad daylight - a customer was at another counter, looking at shoes when she saw a female staff and asked her to bring her size for her. The staff disappear round the corner into the mini storeroom BEHIND our counter. The customer then waited for a while and was curious why she took so long, so she asked my staff who was at the counter but whose back was facing the storeroom door, if she could check on the female staff she approached. My staff was puzzled as she did not hear anyone enter the door behind her, much less see anyone but she obliged anyway and opened the door for the customer to see. The customer's eyes were wide open in shock because she insisted that she saw the 'staff' walk into the storeroom. When my staff asked her to describe the woman, she described her as 'plump' but my staff was very sure that there's no one matching that description up at their level!