Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More on the Marina Square Toilet

My friend saw my earlier story on the Marina Square male toilet and he has decided to share this:-

"Now that you have mentioned that toilet, I know where it is and I recalled hearing a story about it. This toilet was near the carpark, behind the former Denny's. I used to work in Marina Square in one of the retail stores there and one day, my staff related this incident where the group of them were having supper at Denny's when he had to go to the toilet.

As he neared the toilet, he distinctively the sound of shuffling feet and the sound of dragging chains and it emitted from the toilet. Feeling scared, he did not dare go into the toilet. As with these encounters, the staff did his usual rounds on investigations and later on, he shared with me that there were stories of sightings of a woman in chains in that toilet and sometimes, she is heard and other times, seen."