Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Supernatural possession

This is a story (True to me at least) that happened during my late teens. Whenever I tell this to my friends, nobody believes me...

My motorcycle group decided that this Saturday night would be spent in East Coast Park (Big carpark at the end), where we laid poncho covers on the grass and turn it into a major talk cock session. We started late at 12am+ but the last time I saw my watch it was already close to 3am, I started to feel dizzy and laid myself down and dozed off.

Something inside me suddenly told me to wake up now! I opened my eyes and because our bikes were parked at the side of the road, I was worried TP or aunties will come and issue summon and quickly turned my head in the direction of my bike. Everything was OK, everybody was asleep, no TP or aunties and my bike was still there intact BUT the headlight was ON! My headlights had a different switch and one was normal white and the other was blue. My headlights were RED! WTF?!! I must be bloody dreaming... closed my eyes for a while, told myself wake up lah..... opened my eyes again... My headlights were off. OK, I was really dreaming.

Fast forward... time to go home. I started my bike, turned on both headlight colours once again. Normal colours. OK ride home.... Now the "fun" begins! Bike kept accelerating by itself (OK... there has to be an explanation for this. Throttle cable must be jammed!) and when I came to a bend, the bike bent itself down. Throughout the whole journey, my brakes were all ON to slow my bike down and every corner, I'm not bending it down but spending my cow strength to pull it up so that I don't low-side and crash the bike. Luckily I stay nearby and I managed to reach home in one piece. After getting enough sleep at home, I went to my bike again. Throttle is very well greased, no chance of it being jammed at all. Lights are normal. Everything is normal. Did some prayers and I followed my mum's instructions to tell whatever was on my bike "to move on and don't bother me when I have not offended it". Everything was normal after that.