Thursday, October 16, 2008

Father & son spooks staff

A story from my friend, Hermann.

I work in a retail company and we had a store in W**ma a couple of years ago. Its just a normal retail store but the storeroom is half a level lower, meaning to go to the storeroom, you need to take a short flight of stairs down.The stories began about unopened half-drunk bottles of Coke that were left behind by the staff and it culminated in the sighting of shadows and hearing of a man's and a child's voice.

One day, one female staff saw a pair of kid's legs from behind the curtain of the changing room and as there was a customer who wanted to use the changing room, she thought she would ask the child to play elsewhere. When she popped her head around the curtain, she saw no one there!Thinking that she made a mistake, she thought nothing of it but the next time, she distinctly saw a child-adult combo walking from the fitting room and disappearing into the storeroom (fitting rooms and storeroom were facing each other).

The matter was reported to me and we invited a monk to come cleanse the outlet. I was present that day and when he finished his rounds, I asked him if there was really a child's spirit in the store and he said that there's a 'big one, as well as a small one'! So I asked him how on earth they appeared when before that, we did not have any incidents and he said that because we had 5 mannequins in the window, it represented the 'wu men' (in mandarin) in chinese paranormal activity and that these 5 mannequins acted as a portal to invite them into our premises! He then gave us a gold-coloured pagoda to place in the window so that the spirits could reside inside.

When we moved out of the location, we gave the pagoda back to him.