Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marina Square Carpark Toilet

This happened during my school days. My buddy and I often visit Marina Square because it was a new shopping centre. Our usual parking place (We're both motorcycle riders) was near the escalator where Metro Departmental Store used to be. There was one incident that took place that really freaked me out.

After parking our motorcycles, coincidentally we both had urges to go pee and there was a small toilet just beside the escalator. There were 2 standing urinals and a cubicle. My friend took the cubicle (Toilet door remained opened throughout) and I, the urinal. As we were doing "our business", my friend was kept on talking about something (I didn't pay attention at this time what he spoke...for a good reason). That good reason was there was someone whistling behind me. Friend is on my left inside the cubicle talking non stop, door is to my right and I'm very sure nobody came into the toilet after us. Whistling got closer and closer to me till I could feel the "whistle blow" on my neck (Friend has still not stopped talking at this time). I quickly zipped up and ran out.When my friend finally joined me outside, I asked him if he had heard the whistle. He said "Of course! You were the one whistling all this while, right?". I told him I'm not the one. Needless to say, we never used that toilet anymore. Several months later, we noticed that the toilet had been "Closed" for a long period of time (Closed for several months). Maybe the management found out something...