Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spirits residing in a KTV.

A contribution by Raymond.

Back then my father took over a KTV from a friend who was facing cash flow problem. The KTV was situated under Merxxxxn shopping centre. 1 night i forgot to knock on the door b4 entering the toilet as instructed by my mum. I dashed into the toilet as i was having a strong urge to relief myself to find the first cubicle door to "SLAM" itself as if some1 was evading my presence.

i didnt think that much and went ahead to relieve myself. After that i got curious and went to check that cubicle out.I gently pushed the cubicle door open and to worsen the freaking situation there was no 1 in it I left the cubicle door open and went to toilet door and opened it with force a few times to see if it was the air flow that caused the cubicle door to slam but nothing happened.

I quickly left the toilet and told my mum who replied that there were 3 harmless spirits 1 male 2 female lurking around the KTV. My mum and Dad had also agreed to acknowledge these 3 spirits as something like god sons through a medium. Sadly the Joint had to close as business was bad. But til now every 7th month, there will be a set of offering set aside for these 3 beings by my mum.