Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last visit before the long journey

Today’s tale is shared by my Filipino colleague, Mr. S Yamzon.

There was an evening (Before he moved over to Singapore for employment), his sister & him were watching TV in the living room when his sister told him that there was someone sitting outside their garden. S peeked through the house windows and could see (Very faintly) an old man sitting on his grandfather’s favourite chair. However, it could not have been his grandfather as he was sick and was being taken care of in a facility many miles away. The spooky thing was, the “stranger’s” silhouette seems to resemble that of his grandfather. Unable to ascertain the stranger’s identity, he made a call to the village’s security and asked for assistance.

Right after he hung up, there was an incoming call. It was S’s father. His grandfather had passed away peacefully just minutes ago. S ran back to the window but could not see the stranger in the garden anymore. When the security arrived, they informed my colleague that they did not see anyone coming past them or even coming into the village. Could this have been his grandfather’s last visit before his long journey?