Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ball & chain ghost or did Santa come early this year?

A few years ago, my childhood friend shared a few experiences with us after moving in to a new office premise. Daniel runs an advertising firm and he has been moving office premises once every few years once the lease expires. A few years ago, he moved his office to a prime location just outside the city, along Scotts Road, just beside a 3/4 star hotel.

In advertising, it is very common to see them working late past the usual office hours to complete certain projects, especially when the deadline is approaching. His staff does not usually leave till at least 8pm almost every night of the week but my friend noticed that ever since they have moved to the new office, his staff never stayed past 7.30pm. He didn’t think much of it till he had a project that needed immediate attention and obviously no one was able (Or willing) to stay back late to complete it. He rang his girlfriend and she offered to drop by the office to help him out.

It was about 9pm+ already and they are rushing to complete the job. Daniel left the room momentarily to go to the gents and his girlfriend continued on. Just after he left the room, she thought she had felt a tug at the jacket she was wearing. She dismissed it because she thought she had a long and tiring day and her fatique has caused this hallucination. Just before he came back, she felt another tug, this time was very distinct! She panicked but just as she was about to run out of the room, Daniel came back. She was still unsure of the incident so she kept quiet and didn’t say a thing. The evening went by without other occurrences.

The next few nights, his staff again declined with valid reasons on staying back to complete work and his girlfriend had office issues of her own, Daniel had no choice but to stay behind by himself to complete the job. During these nights, he felt himself being nudged from behind, or had his shirt pulled out but the worse was hearing “someone” dragging something that sounded like a ball and a chain just outside the office. Despite all these happenings, he did not really see anything although he did wait for the “ball and chain” dragging to go past his office room. The sound ended just outside his office room and stopped there.

Needless to say, he moved out quickly (And thankfully) once the year long lease expired.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Keeping them away from your home

This article was taken off a discussion in Arofanatics forum (Contributor: Ariesdram) when another fellow member asked what are the best preventive measures against unwanted "guests"....

Take a handful of sea salt plus a handful of glutinous rice(uncooked) and step with your left foot out and throw out the handful of rice while asking them to go (shout loudly if necessary but avoid saying "huat ah") and throw it at all corners.(dark corners or places damp and dark are especially bad)

take a bucket of water with sea salt mixed with pomelo leaves and use it to mop to the house house daily. Put a saucer of coarse salt at the toilets window. Keep them dry and replace where necessary.

At all areas of the house where it is dark, especially dark corridors, install bright lights and turn them on day and night for 7 nights. If windows are available at dark corners, open them during day time and let the house absorb more sunlight.

Grow two ports of pomegranate plants outside main door, do not use cactus.

Go to those fortune centre near middle road and buy 3 things:

1. A "shi gan dang" and put in front of your main door or in a place where it faces your main door. It blocks entry to certain things from going into your home.

2. A long wooden sword made of peach wood. If you are able to, get as many as you can with the long one facing the main door and smaller ones on the room doors facing out. These things are good!!! Even a wooden flute with red threads/fastenings will be good.

3. A coin sword made of coins of course interwoven with vermillion threads. Get this from places where they blessed the items.

I tried this on a few of my friends place. Now all is quiet, wife no bad dreams, kids don't wake up at night and they don't feel any presence lurking around.

Salt is the best cleanser if nothing else is available. If after this cleansing process the place still feel strange, there are more drastic measures.