Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Faceless girl in Clementi (Recent)

Faceless girl in Clementi (Recent)

This encounter is reproduced with permission by the author, taken from an internet forum. Credit goes to Gaiking from Singaporebikes Forum.

Ok since I’m back something to share about just yesterdays incident.

Yesterday while I was driving home from a BBQ in Punggol at around 4am, I passed through Clementi Ave 3.

I stopped at the junction and caught a glimpse of this girl in white amongst the trees and as you all know, guys like to see girls especially those with long hair and we would drive past, and turn our heads to see if she’s good looking.

I recall very clearly that she was standing there facing me but I couldn’t really see the face as it looks like a blank to me from a distance ( that means no facial features!). While I was driving past the trees, i turned my head to take a closer look but the girl disappeared. I slowed down to confirm that she had walked past me but no one was there

This is not a scary experience that I’m trying to share but its a sighting and sometimes in order to see these things, we need not go to some haunted places to find them. They are living amongst us.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Encounter with a supernatural black cat

This story happens way back in the 60s and is shared by my mother.

My dad & mum used to live in kampong style house back then, in Pasir Panjang. They have lived in that house for quite a while without anything strange thing happening till one night. The time was 10pm + and my dad was fast asleep but my mother was restless, tossing and turning in bed. She turned to her side and looked at the door leading to the bedroom. An old man was standing at that door! My mother is a supernatural skeptic and does not believe in ghosts (At that point of time). Many thoughts had ran through her mind at this time. “That old man MUST be a robber!” she thought. She continued to stare at the old man, trying to figure his next move.

The old man seems to be walking towards my mum, and very obviously my mum at this point of time is frantically nudging for my dad to wake up. My dad must have been very tired then as my mother couldn’t successfully wake him. The old man continues to walk closer to their bed.My mum stared hard at the old man in anger (She still thinks he broke into their house). When the old man got much nearer to the bed, my mum realised that the old man’s eyes were actually bloodshot red in colour. It was at this exact moment, she realised that this wasn’t necessarily a human being that she has been staring at. Naturally she got frightened, used her blanket to cover her head while still shaking my dad, now with more force.

Some time had passed since she covered herself with a blanket. She took a peek and didn’t see anyone in the bedroom. She shook my dad again, he awoke and asked her what happened. My mum told him she saw someone in the house and they should check it out. My dad armed himself with something, in case it was a robber and they turned on all the lights in the house but didn’t find anything.However, they did discover a black cat standing behind a cupboard in the living room. My mum quickly opened the door, invited the cat out of the house and my parents checked every single corner of the house for possible entry points but all the windows were well shut & locked. After the cat went out of the house, neither of them saw anything extraordinary anymore and they had installed a barrier to prevent animals from coming into the house by accident.