Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New company premises

My company moved to its new premises in Changi 2 years ago and when we moved in after it was renovated, it was pretty much exciting times for us as we were in bigger premises.Anyway, the stories started with a male colleague who was in the common toilet in the lift lobby and he had just finished his big business in the cubicle when he heard the main toilet door being flung open and someone pressing the tap urgently to wash his hands. Thinking that the guy was probably in a hurry, and he still hearing the urgent pressing of the tap, he walked out of the cubicle zipping up his fly and when he took the 3 steps it took him to see the wash basin in full view, he saw NOTHING.

Not a single soul was standing there and it couldn't be that the 'person' could have left the toilet that quickly because he still heard the sound of the tap being pressed when he walked out of the cubicle. He was very puzzled, rather than scared and he went round the office to ask who had been in the toilet but of course, no one went there. That was the start of many weird things in the office. For instance, there was one night when one of the female execs saw a male figure appear from nowhere, walk to towards the exit and disappeared. Our cubicle space is arranged in such a way that we have columns of 3-4 desks per column and one desk is situated behind the front and so on and so forth. She was seated in the very first seat and she turned round and wanted to ask her colleague who was in the 2nd seat her something and that was when she saw the figure.

Also, one of the warehouse personnel who is sensitive to things of the supernatural nature claim that he can see a man standing, silently, in the corner of the warehouse office. The 'man' is doing nothing, just standing there. Another colleague often has to stay behind, late, to complete rush jobs and there was once when the lights of the office suddenly went dead but came back on almost immediately but one section at a time. (3 switches control all the lights in the office; switch off one and you turn off one section)

Lastly, the warehouse manager, who is rather sceptical about such things, encountered something spooky when he reported for work. He usually is the first to the warehouse office and he likes to take his own sweet time to turn on the lights; he would rather unlock all the doors and gates first before turning them on. Anyway, he did the usual again in the morning and when he was approaching this particular electronic roller shutter gate, he heard voices and laughter from the other side of the roller shutter. When he opened up the shutter, there was no one there! And no one goes to work that early except him! After that, he changed his habits