Sunday, September 28, 2008

2 stories about a camp in Tanjung Gul

New camp duty

I was finally posted away from that camp. I don't really know if it was for the better or worse. We deemed it "God forsaken land" as it is at the end of Singapore, away from civilisation (Except for shipyards). After spending 2 weeks of bliss in this stay out camp, my turn for duty has finally arrived.

I made a very wrong move by asking my buddy..."Are there ghosts at night here?". "Yes!" came his reply. "Are you sure? Stop kidding me...." I repeated. "Yes!" he said again. I didn't want to believe him (Although he is one that would never lie) and so I asked campmate no.2. Again same answer... !! I'll go ask Madam Chew. Madam Chew will never tell me lies. "Maaaam! Are there ghosts here at night?"

She replied...."Are you crazy? Don't go and disturb it, it won't come and disturb you..." Thanks for a reassuring answer Mdm Chew!!!! I tried not to think about it and here's the itinerary for the duty:-1720hrs:- Conduct roll call, read RO to them and fall them out 1800hrs:- Go cookhouse for dinner, come back to building (2 stories), ensure every single room is locked (Except toilets of course). Bring flower pots that are placed on the 2nd floor balcony into the building. Lock main gate (That means locking yourself into the building till 7am next morning). Sometime at 2000hrs, theres supposed to be night snack consumption but the walk is so long and the food is uurrgh! Nobody bothers!Fast forward.... 2150hrs+/-..... I'm inside Ops Room, all by myself, watching TV, with a phone beside me (Cannot use the phone one ... if this phone rings, it'll mean activating all soldiers to go to war... imagine you're having a long chat with your girlfriend and they cannot get thru..).

I thought I heard something... cannot be.. I'm all alone in the building, so where can the noise come from? I mute the TV to listen clearer....The flower pots that were placed just outside the ops room were moving (Or so the sound suggests).... They were being dragged from one end of the hall to the other and back, repeatedly. It is definately not my imagination as the sounds were clear.... Wat a night! The next morning, when people started coming back to the camp... they were kpo and started asking..."So what did you see last night?" "I thought you all saw before, so why ask me?" The problem as I found out, this ghost is different everytime. Everybody's first duty sure kenna one (After that no more). One fella said he went for night snack and came back and saw a lady in white sitting on the roof of the bldg. Another one was worse, he was watching TV as well and heard footsteps along the corridor... he was stupid enough to open up the door to see who is that... a pair of slippers walking (And nothing else).

Printer (Another experience in the same camp) It was Saturday afternoon and I was doing duty. Nothing much to do, so I walked around the different offices to make sure their rooms are locked. The office next to mine was locked but I could hear the printer working OT. (Common thing sometimes because they'll be used to print SAF100). I just noted that in my duty report that PC was left ON over the weekend. Monday morning, I was called by the WO to answer to my report. Nobody was tasked to print anything using that PC/Printer and the record shows that the particular PC had not been switched on since Friday afternoon.