Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ghost Dog

Same camp but I was still a private during that time. I'm in charge of area cleaning of the HQ block, central staircase (The most suay area becos only Offrs & WOs can use this stairs so it must be in tip top condition 24/7).One day after lunch while I was walking back from the cookhouse, I saw at the other end of the bldg, a dog was walking towards me. I dun really care cos we may have enough dogs in the camp to form a platoon! As I was walking nearer to the centre of the building (And the staircase), so was the dog. The dog was an ugly, dirty, muddy dog... unlike the usual slightly cleaner ones. I hope & pray this dog won't go up the central staircase and dirty it (If not I jialat liao... sure kenna extra duties!).We were both the same distance away from the staircase. When I stopped, the dog stopped too. I suddenly had an idea. Why dun I just run towards the dog suddenly, scaring it and it may run the opposite direction. It backfired... as I ran towards the dog, the dog ran towards me (& the staircase faster). Eventually it reached the stairs faster than I did. I was very very close to it though. If I wanted to jump at it, I could easily grab it's tail.... I am that close. The strange thing was when the dog turned (The stairs are oval shaped) the corner, it completely disappeared! And to think I was just a nano second behind it! I carried on, ran up, looked at 2nd floor corridor, no sign of it, ran up again, 3rd floor corridor, still nothing, 4th floor, nothing!! As I was going down, my friend saw me and asked WTH I was doing... I told him and he laughed! I saw you running as if you're looking for something but I dun see any dog.