Saturday, September 18, 2010

SBMT Mar 1990 Intake

This incident happened after my earlier haunted shift ( ), to 2 other guys from the same platoon as I am.

After that scary shift, both Abdullah and myself were very pleased to hand over our duty to the next shift personnel. As this happened more than a decade ago, I can't recall their exact names but lets call them Ahmad & Saiful. Little was made known to us when the both of them came back from their guard duty early, one was in great shock while the other refused to say much. The real story was only told to us by Ahmad a few days later.

The both of them were covering 1st wing (similar to us) and they walked behind a particular building which was deserted. Saiful saw that the armskote door was ajar and out of boredom (Perhaps?), he went to push the door close and walked off. As he walked away from the door, he heard it creak open again.... (Quick lesson on armskote doors:- These metal security doors are several inches thick and are very, very heavy.) How could such a heavy door open by itself?

Again, Saiful went to push the door shut.... Something inside him warned him to move aside and he did quickly step aside and right at that moment, the door seemed like it was kicked out of it's ledges and fell to the floor! There were many discarded old cabinets placed around that area and they started shaking violently, doors slamming & opening... Saiful was stunned by what was happening and stayed rooted where he was but fortunately Ahmad was quick thinking enough, grabbed Saiful and pulled him away.

When they arrived back to the guard house, Saiful was in total shock. He was not responsive to anybody or anything, while Ahmad was in tears & panting from all the running and dragging of his buddy. Saiful spent the next few days resting at medical bay (Or home, I can't really recall this part) and Ahmad only brought out his courage many days later to share this tale with us.