Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Khuman Thong

I'm a Thai Buddhist and naturally in my earlier days of unfamiliarity & curiousity about the child god, Khuman Thong, I was tempted to find out more. There were many stories that I've heard about KMT, some were true but most of them were either overly exagerrated or misconceptions.= (The seocnd group is usually told by non KMT keepers).

During one of my visits to a Buddhist supplies shop in Fu Lu SHou, 2nd story to buy incense, when I was browsing thru the showcases to admire the different types of Buddhist statues, I saw a very nice KMT. Due to it's intricate design, handcrafted from black colored wood, this KMT stood out from the rest and I liked it the instant I saw it. It's face projected a very happy but yet serene look.

However I didn't know of it's authenticity or if it had any power at all (As they are fakes made and sold in the market for commercial reasons). I muttered very softly "KMT, I'm not sure if you are real. If you are real, please give me a signal." Right after the last word was said, I felt a very distinct pull on the back of my shirt. I looked behind me but there was no one behind me. I was not scared at all but smiled back and said "Thank you".

Although I liked that particular KMT a lot, there was no way I could have accomodated him/her at that point of time as I was living with my in-laws and they would have been very adverse to anything that is "not normal" to them.