Monday, September 6, 2010

My mum's second contribution

Back in the 80s, my mum rented a shop space in Orchard Plaza, 4th floor in one of the corners. I have always loved visiting the shop after school for many reasons. I’d stay late till the shop closes and go home with mum. One thing I’ve noticed but never really bothered about it was that her staff (BTW they’re all females) always never go to the ladies toilet on the 4th floor. I thought, maybe that toilet was ridiculously dirty and thought no further.

Eventually the shop had to close down and my mum finally revealed the story to me about the 4th floor ladies toilet (She didn’t want to scare me unnecessarily). Most of her staff had sighted “something unnatural” but nobody wanted to talk about it. They would normally tell those who have not experienced it personally “Do not use, toilet not clean” but no details were shared. Those who didn’t believe it, would go but came back with the same advice to share with new staff or those who don’t know. My mother has not experienced anything so far because she has decided to play it safe and use other floor toilets.

This arrangement worked fine until one night. My mum was all alone in the shop, almost closing time. She had been tolerating a tummy ache for a long time already and she could not hold it back any longer. As she didn’t want to risk losing any customers, she decided to try the nearer 4th floor toilet, finish off and run back to the shop.

With an open mind (She’s still a skeptic of supernatural stuff despite her earlier experience with the black cat mentioned in an earlier episode), she ran to the toilet. When she was near the door, she had a very unnatural feeling (Raised goosebumps, hair standing etc..) but still determined to stick to the gameplan of go in, bomb and run out. As she went in, there was a lady standing right at the last wash basin in the toilet. She had long hair and was looking at the mirror, applying lipstick but in a weird, repeated circular manner. This lady was a total stranger (My mum is very sociable and practically knows everybody working on the same level) but my mum didn’t have any more time (Or tolerance) to even bother further.

She ran into the cubicle, finished her business in quick time and got out of the cubicle. The lady in white is still there! Applying her lipstick in that same weird manner. As my mum rushed to the taps to wash her hands (There was only 3 wash basins in that row and the lady was not too far away), in the corner of her eye, she thought she saw the lady turn her head towards her! Quickly she muttered in mandarin “I did not cause you any harm, or participated in any of your personal grievances. Please do not harm or scare me.” My mum then slowly turned her head towards where the lady once stood……

The lady was gone. There was no way that lady could have walked past my mum and exit the door without my mum knowing. My mum, although was already frightened (Being a very curious person), went to check out the other cubicles (They were all empty) before leaving the toilet. When my mum emerged from the toilet, the food stall owner told my mum “This toilet very “dirty” and cannot use! Next time use the toilet downstairs. When I saw you rushing inside, I was so worried for you and actually wanted to get a few people to go inside the toilet together if you didn’t come out soon.” My mum said she saw “someone” inside and asked if the food stall owner saw that “someone” coming out a while ago. The food stall owner replied “The only person I saw going in and coming out from the toilet was you.”

After this incident, my mum started believing in supernatural stuff, and no, she never went back into that toilet ever again.