Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Neighbouring house

My in laws have been living in their existing HDB flat for over 20 years now. One of their neighbours (2 flats away) moved out of their flat more than a decade ago and the flat was left vacant for more than 6 months.

Nobody thought much about that house till finally one day, a couple moved in. On the very first night that they spent the night in their new house, they came knocking on my in-law’s door and my wife was the one who responded to the knocking.

“Did anybody die in our house before we moved in?” the couple asked. By this time, almost all of the members of my in-law’s family are awake (They’re pretty much light sleepers). “No, not that we know of anyway” was the reply from my in-laws. We didn’t ask what they meant but that was the last time we saw that couple again.

After that couple, many other couples moved in (We lost count how many). We never saw them again after their first night too. Then things got interesting! 3 guys in their 20s or 30s moved in. OK. Guys should be braver especially since these guys looked like they have gone thru NS and would have some kind of experience with spooks anyway. They broke the record. 2 nights! The 3rd day morning I saw them moving out their stuff.

Next family…. This man in his 40s, seems like a rich guy, thick gold necklace, gold rolex but unfortunately, not too friendly look and avoided looking at us (Me in particular because I wanted to tell him to move into this house, try staying a night before telling his interior designers to carry out the extensive renovations that he planned. He & his family moved in after the renovations were done but again, you never see them after their first night.

Then one morning, there was a chirpy young man walking past our flat and he greeted us “Good morning, my name is John and I will be your new neighbour in #08-XX”. My wife & I gathered enough sense to walk over to his apartment, asked him out of the house (We don’t wanna go in!) and warned him about the history of all the past owners/tenants. He told us he is strong in his Tibetan religious beliefs and would not be too affected by these things. He had placed religious artifacts throughout the house, regularly invited Tibetan monks to the house for prayers and so on. One day, I asked him about the “thing” that was in the house. He proudly said that it is gone forever… I asked him what was it, he said “nothing nice to tell you but lets just say he/she is annoying, breaking things in the house, opening and slamming doors, moving chairs…”

By the way, I think this is the 11th year he has lived in this house now!