Thursday, September 9, 2010

Room 610

This story came when we sidetracked during a meeting with my Director of Research this morning.

She was an ex-flight stewardess and quite a newbie then when it happened. It was a routine flight to Japan and they are always staying at this particular hotel. The entire 6th floor is reserved only for flight crew and they are free to choose whichever room they want to stay in. The more experienced ones always chose the ones that are furthest away from room 610 but this information was never made to new crew.

She randomly chose room 609 and went to her room to rest early as she was very tired. At exactly 2.30am she was awakened by loud noises coming from next door. Initially it was just soft banging of the walls but the banging got louder and louder till it was shaking slightly. She called the reception on the phone to make a complaint. She was half expecting the hotel staff to reply to say that they will call the occupants in room 610 to lower the volume but the receptionist told her that they will change a room for her and told her to stay in her room and they will get someone to come up to usher her to her new room.

My frightened colleague now figured out what was happening and stood near her door, the banging seemed to follow the wall where she stood and she distinctly heard the toilet being flushed repeatedly.

Very very soon, she heard footsteps of an anxious hotel staff coming and she was ushered to a different room, very much further away. While the hotel staff declined to comment, she found out from her other flight crew colleagus that this room is never used by anybody and you can alway hear loud banging of walls.