Thursday, September 23, 2010

A story from my sister

One of our relative family comprising of our uncle & aunty lives in a nice 2 storey but old house. They didn’t have any children but they adore my sister and she was their favourite child amongst our extended family. Very often, my sis would spend the weekend with uncle & aunty. 

Although the main bedrooms were located on the second floor of the house, there was this little room on the first floor, where my sister liked to sleep in. Uncle & aunt knew she loved this small little room, decorated it a little and put a bed in there for her. This room had remained as my sister’s room during all her stays. This room is also coincidentally below the uncle & aunt’s bedroom.

One day, my uncle had passed away and very obviously we were all sad and mourned for him. My sister had not visited aunty for a long time after uncle’s death but it was several months later, when my sister contacted our aunt and offered to accompany her for the weekend. The only difference to the house now was that aunty had shifted her bedroom to the next room. Her ex-bedroom is now locked. When night fell, my tired sister went to her little room and fell asleep there.

In the middle of the night, my sister heard very distinct footsteps on the ceiling and it seemed to go on forever interrupting her sleep. My sister went upstairs and tried to open the locked door but it didn’t open. My aunt must have heard my sister and came out of her room. My aunt hushed my sister and told my sis to sleep with her for the night. Aunt refused to answer any questions but kept saying she’s very tired and wanted to sleep. “If there is anything to ask, please ask them tomorrow.” my aunt said before falling asleep.

The next morning, the questions flowed and aunt was truthful. My aunt missed her husband very much but decided not to bury him and she wanted to keep him close to her. His coffin is placed inside the locked room (Their ex bedroom). Those footsteps my sister heard were those of my uncle’s. Although uncle was someone we loved dearly, particularly my sister, but she cannot handle the thought of staying in the same house where his coffin is placed and definitely, not when she can hear him walk around in the middle of the night.