Friday, September 3, 2010

Haunted school in Bishan

A story shared by my colleague, Ling.

It was 6.30pm and we were close to the end of the school day. We had gathered in the assembly ground, awaiting to sing the school anthem before official dismissal. Then suddenly there was a very distinct scream coming from the technical block. The scream was piercingly loud and was repeated “Help me!”

Naturally many students looked up to see what is happening, including myself. We couldn’t see the source of the scream but suddenly the technical building block changed colour to dark red. Students & teachers all witnessed this phenomenon. The principal then swiftly assembled us, and dismissed us in a quick, fuss free manner.

This may seem unbelievable but anyone who had studied in Whitley Secondary School in 1994, would have seen this phenomenon with their own eyes.