Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ghost seeking help

While on the topic of hotel ghosts... here's another one shared to me by my ex boss, Andy.

Several years ago, Andy went to KL for a project meeting. After a long & tiring day shuffling between 3 offices in KL, extended meetings etc.. He finally had the chance to rest and reached his hotel room at close to 11pm. He quickly filled the bathtub with warm water and laid down inside. He closed his eyes as the warm water seemed to relax his tired body.

Suddenly there was a splash of water in the tub and Andy looked around the tub on what could have fell inside. Andy roamed his hands around the bottom of the bathtub and surprisingly he found a wallet. He looked up at the ceiling to see where the wallet could have fell from but couldn't figure. He opened up the wallet to check it's contents but there was nothing else except for an identification card of an Indian Malaysian. He put the wallet at the side of the bathtub and didn't think much of it afterwards. He dried himself, put on his sleepwear and went off to sleep after that.

Later that night, Andy was awoken by someone knocking on his door. He looked at his watch, it was 1230am. He thought to himself: "I didn't order for room service and my clients didn't know my room number so who could it be?" He went to the door, peeked through the peekhole and saw a familiar (But cannot recall who he was) face. Andy put on the latch and opened the door.

The familiar face spoke out "Don't be afraid. I am already dead and am a ghost but I am not here to harm or scare you but I need a favour from you. Please help me." Andy was stunned and still thought it was all a joke but continued listening.... "The wallet that you picked up from the bathtub belonged to me and inside there is my identity card. Go to the address and tell my family that we have communicated and tell them they do not have to worry for me anymore. I was involved in an accident while building this hotel, died but they have never found my corpse." Andy didn't know whether to believe any of this, but he did recall that the face of the ID card belonged to this ghost. He told the ghost that he was unable to help him and told him to request this help from someone else. He didn't think much but went back to sleep.

The next morning when he awoke, the whole incident at night felt like it was part of a dream. To verify the truth, he went back into the bathroom to look for the wallet. It was nowhere in sight. "OK, so it was really a dream...." he thought.

When he was about to leave his room, the chambermaid arrived at his door, greeted him and asked if he needed to clean his room. Andy said yes and for some strange reason he blurted out "If you do find a wallet inside the bathroom, please help me put it on the dressing table." The chambermaid then said to him "Almost every new guest that lives in this room says this to me or leaves a message for me to look for this wallet......."