Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are they really able to see them?

Just a very short story today. My grandma suffered from cancer for a long time. She was in great pain but put on a very brave front when she sees us during our regular weekend visit. During one of the weekday evenings, my uncle called my dad and it was definitely an urgent call because we went right away to my uncle’s place after the call.

My grandma told us that she has many visitors earlier. None of them are familiar but they were all carrying lit torches and telling her to prepare for the journey as it is “almost time”. My dad told her not to worry as it was probably the medicine that made her hallucinate (Knowing my dad very well, he is saying that to calm her down). We visited her every evening after that but less than a week later, my grandma succumbed to cancer and passed away. Before my grandma passed away, she told us that the visitors came everyday….