Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Faceless girl in Clementi (Recent)

Faceless girl in Clementi (Recent)

This encounter is reproduced with permission by the author, taken from an internet forum. Credit goes to Gaiking from Singaporebikes Forum.

Ok since I’m back something to share about just yesterdays incident.

Yesterday while I was driving home from a BBQ in Punggol at around 4am, I passed through Clementi Ave 3.

I stopped at the junction and caught a glimpse of this girl in white amongst the trees and as you all know, guys like to see girls especially those with long hair and we would drive past, and turn our heads to see if she’s good looking.

I recall very clearly that she was standing there facing me but I couldn’t really see the face as it looks like a blank to me from a distance ( that means no facial features!). While I was driving past the trees, i turned my head to take a closer look but the girl disappeared. I slowed down to confirm that she had walked past me but no one was there

This is not a scary experience that I’m trying to share but its a sighting and sometimes in order to see these things, we need not go to some haunted places to find them. They are living amongst us.