Tuesday, October 26, 2010

United Square (Formerly known as Goldhill Square)

In my younger days, I was working as a games promoter during my school holidays, in a departmental store in Goldhill Square (Now known as United Square). We were given one day off in a week and whenever it’s our off day, another promoter will be assigned to take over for that day. The promoter that is assigned to take over my duties coincidentally is a good friend of mine, Doris.

Doris called me after her shift, and asked me out for coffee (I find that very strange because usually after a day’s work, we’re usually very tired and surely, we’d like to go home to sleep). I agreed and we went to Newton Hawker Centre, together with another mutual friend of ours, Sunil.

Doris wasn’t her usual chirpy & cheery self. It took quite a lot of coaxing before something came out from her. As new stocks arrived today at the store, Doris had to spend time moving and stacking them neatly into the racks in the storeroom. This task sounds simple but it takes somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes to complete this strenuous job. While she was in the storeroom stacking, she saw a horrific supernatural sight….

At this point of time, she broke down again and we stopped the conversation totally as we could see she was greatly affected. (Till the last day we met, I have not been able to successfully bring up the topic without affecting her) Needless to say, she refused to be assigned back in that particular departmental store and I was lucky to have avoided stock replenishment!

Sunil later also shared a story with me about that shopping mall. He had parked his car in the mall’s carpark one day and went shopping with his brother. After they were done, they went back to the carpark to get the car and drove off. Although it was a small carpark, they could not seem to get out of the same floor. This is probably what some people would call “Ghost covering your eyes” and I have heard several stories of people unable to walk out of a particular place but this is the first time, about a car. They finally got out after more than a hour.

Before you start avoiding United Square after this tale, let me assure you that this happened in the 80’s and in the last 2 years, I have been frequently going to this shopping mall and the carpark is very well routed. If you really can’t drive out of the same floor in 5 minutes…. Start praying!!