Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Member

Since childhood, my wife, PT & Carol has been the best of friends. Carol who is a HK citizen lives with PT as she is studying here. Besides spending time out in the malls, the trio does regularly house visits. All these changed when PT’s dad passed away and my wife stopped going to PT’s house totally.

A few years ago, Carol came back to Singapore for a social visit and naturally she would stay over at PT’s house during this period. Together with my wife & PT, we went to the airport to welcome Carol. I drove PT & Carol back to the former’s apartment and naturally as the only guy among the 4, I offered my help with the luggage. My wife told me to help bring Carol’s luggage up while she stays in the car as she is “tired”. I found her behaviour strange (Especially since they have not met each other for months now) but didn’t think further.

PT opened the door and I was told that I can leave the luggage at the front door and go off now. I went downstairs back into my car. As I was driving back, my wife asked me “Was anybody at home in PT’s place?” I replied “No.” My wife asked again more specifically “Did you see her dad?” Amused by what my wife asked, I replied “Didn’t you mention that her dad passed away several years ago? So why would her dad be home unless she has a stepdad now?” 

Apparently, my wife has stopped visiting PT’s house after her dad’s demise because PT’s dad didn’t really “leave”. He has living with them all this while and prior to his untimely death, he was a cheerful man who had an extreme sense of prankish humour. He remains the same till this day! He’d stroke your hair, turn off the lights when you’re in the toilet/bathroom, make the phone ring and and when you pick it up, he’ll tell you it’s a joke.