Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spiritual Possession

This happened during my teenage days. I was an avid computer gamer then and whenever my mum had planned for an evening of prayer sessions at home, I feel deliriously happy. Prayer sessions are basically invites for her friends to come to our house to visit, pray together and have food. What makes me really happy is…. I don’t have to study that evening and can stick to my PC playing games till they leave!

There was one evening, my mum came to me and told me “Son, tonight we have a prayer session and there will be a very special guest joining us. I hope you can join us at the prayer, if not, please go to your room to study or play games. Whatever it is, I want you to remain calm.” I didn’t understand the last sentence but the euphoric feeling of getting permission to play PC games all night made me forget about all else!

The guests arrived (About 30+ pax) and I headed straight into my room (As instructed by my mum, I can’t close my door because that is perceived as a sign of rudeness). The prayers started and less than 5 minutes later, I heard someone laughing in the midst of the prayer drone. The laughter sounded sinister and went on despite the prayers. At this point, I was very curious to find out who is so laughing so rudely and stuck my head out of my room. In the middle of the living hall, was a Chinese lady in her 40s, she is surrounded by other devotees who are all kneeled down and continuing their prayers despite the strange happenings. It seemed normal initially, then I saw her face suddenly turn dark purple and she started laughing again! She swayed and swayed as she was laughing. At this point, I freaked out, went into my room and locked the door. I only opened the door when the very last guest left at 1130pm and went straight to mum for answers.

My mum explained that this lady regularly allowed spiritual possessions 2 years ago. When she decided to stop doing this, some spirits left but some of the stubborn ones stayed with her and will disturb her during her sleep, strangling her at times and disrupts her daily life. It was then, she turned to religion in the hope that these evil spirits will leave her. My mum told me that I had missed the last part since I had closed my door. The lady got up from her kneeling position, and trudged forward, with her hands propped out as if she wanted to reach out to the Buddhist Talisman to tear it but everytime she tried to do that, she was repelled away as if there was an invisible force field. She only went back to being herself after half an hour or so and didn’t have any recollection of what happened. 

That purple face coupled with that laughter stayed in my memory till today…..