Sunday, November 7, 2010

Overhead bridge outside the Chevrons

Today's tale is shared to us by my ex colleague and a very good friend, Jovita.

Jovita had a late night outing and was on her way home in a taxi. The time was close to midnight and the taxi was driving along Boon Lay Way when Jovita suddenly noticed a spooky figure in white standing above the overhead bridge, looking downwards. Naturally Jovita screamed, closed her eyes and the taxi driver asked why.

When the taxi went further down the road, Jovita told the taxi driver not to drive her home (As initally planned) but to bring to her to a very crowded place instead(For the fear that she is being followed home by that thing). When she told the taxi driver what she saw, the taxi driver remembered that he was told a similar story before but didn't believe it initially till he found it too coincidental that my colleague had seen the same thing at the same place! In the end, both of them spent the next 45 minutes in a nearby Macdonald's to calm down.