Saturday, April 2, 2011

New incident along Upper Thomson Road - 2011

My daughter was involved in a latin dance performance in Yishun sometime in Feb/Mar 2011.  The show had ended after 9pm+, we had our dinner and headed back home.  Both my children were tired and had fell asleep soon after getting into the car.

Our route was to drive along Sembawang Road leading into the infamous Upper Thomson Road and onwards.  My wife was her usual chatty self during the earlier part of the journey till we reached Upper Thomson Road.  She went totally quiet!  I took my eyes off the road for a short while to have a look at her.  Her eyes were shut but I knew that she was not asleep. (For readers who are unfamiliar with my wife in earlier experiences, she is able to see an occasional supernatural being)  I suspected that she must have seen something and I just left her alone.

A nice song was playing on the radio and I was singing along to the song while tapping the rim of my steering wheel.  Right at this moment, I felt an unnatural chill as if someone had placed his/her hands onto my shoulders.  I didn't think too much of it.  Suddenly, my wife said in a loud and stern voice..."DRIVE VERY SLOWLY, CAREFULLY & FOCUS ON THE ROAD!".  I reassured her that I am already driving very slowly and carefully.  She said again "FOCUS ON THE ROAD & NOWHERE ELSE!  BE CAREFUL!".  Nearer to the Tagore Road junction, I had the chill on my shoulders once again, this time very very distinct!  Again, I didn't want to think too much of it and scare myself.  When we had reached home, immediately I asked my wife what she saw.  

She told me that when we had just entered Upper Thomson Road, she could see a few apparitions scattered over the area in front of us.  It was still manageable for her at that moment until one of those things came closer to the front of the car and the head appeared inside the car, right above where my steering wheel was and was staring at me!  It was exactly that moment that my wife had shut her eyes and told me to FOCUS!  She didn't open her eyes till we reached home so I was unable to find out when that thing "left" or what did it do to me that could have explained the sudden chills.